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     SRT is a spiritual healing technique that utilizes a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to find and release discordant, limiting thoughts and beliefs in order to replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT addresses emotional issues and patterns or in other words, the negative programming, where a "program" is the root cause of a problem that is negatively affecting your life keeping you from living a happy, healthy life.

     The overall experience allows for the release of tremendous emotional baggage from one’s life leading to greater inner peace of mind and tranquility, thereby improving the quality of life. SRT helps remove stress and anxiety freeing you to focus on what is important to you, be it quality relationships, career, or spiritual awareness. By releasing the negative subconscious programs you allow the soul to attain its full expression of joy, health and prosperity.

     SRT can be performed in person, by phone, or remotely with the results being mailed. In all cases, the soul’s permission is received before SRT is performed. SRT can be requested for loved ones who, although consciously unaware that the session was requested, experience positive changes as a result of the clearing. SRT can be performed on animals and can be used to restore harmony in homes and offices. Virtually everyone can benefit from an SRT clearing. An SRT clearing enhances the effects of other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative.

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Feeling Blocked or Stuck?

     Do you feel that no matter what you do you never get past an issue that is bothering you? Do you try new things and find yourself returning to your old patterns? Or want to release emotions that no longer serve you. Well, SRT may be the ticket to releasing those blocks. Our cells have memory of all of our experiences, pleasant or not, thus many of our most resistant behaviors are stored at a cellular level. SRT functions on a cellular and soul level thereby affecting every part of your being.

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