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     Cutting the ties that bind is a method that helps anyone wishing to cut the negative ties that bind him/her to anyone or anything that acts as an authority and exerts control over them. Detaching from these ties allows the person to remove accumulated layers of early training, conditioning, and inherent belief systems and behavior patterns that obscure the inner light or higher consciousness within.

     We are all bound by invisible chains, things that bind us and block us and keep us from being who we really are. These ties come from childhood, family environment, culture, fears or reactions to events that took place years ago.

The initial ties that form are those forged during childhood to parents or guardians, close relatives, siblings, teachers, friends and any others who help to influence or program the child. Later ties are formed to friends, lovers, marriage partners, other family members, children, and anyone on whom we rely for security, whether living or dead. There can be subtle attachments such as having one’s own way or to one’s opinion, as well as to strong emotions like anger, jealousy, fear and pride. Attachments can form with food, alcohol, money, clothes, power, status, education, success, etc. One can even have an attachment to life, i.e. being afraid of dying, because of the fear of the unknown.

     A facilitator guides the individual desiring to cut the negative ties through the visualization process. Initially a safe space is created in which to initiate the cutting of the ties. The first ties cut are those with parents. Each is done individually. The individual is guided through the process in which the cut begins. Then the individual devotes a regular, though small amount of time (a few minutes daily) and energy for two weeks to continue the visualization process. At the end of the two weeks, the final portion of the visualization process is performed with the facilitator in order to complete the cutting of the ties. It is a delightful process in which each cut is unique and special.

     Sessions can be performed individually or in Groups. They can be performed in person or by telephone.

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     Feel like you are attached to someone or something? Do you have old ties that won’t let you feel free to pursue the life you desire? Do you have negative communication patterns with family members? Then Cutting the Ties that Bind is a delightful way to free yourself from these old attachments with respect for yourself and those to whom you were attached in order to be independent, whole beings.

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