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  • Magic Fingers - Introducing EFT to Kids
  • EFT at Kid’s Health Fair
  • Kids are the KEY
  • Lazy Teen Finds New Way to Study - Adding the Right Ingredients

    Deborah's EFT Articles on Kids with Cancer

    Since September of 2007 I've been volunteering in a local hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico working with kids with cancer using EFT. The results have been amazing. I'd like to share some of those experiences in the following articles.

  • How was the quality of life of children and personnel at a Cancer ward in Oaxaca Mexico markedly improved?
  • Emigdio and his Fears
  • Jhenifher
  • Maria de los Angeles
  • Jonathan leaves with peace and love
  • Rodolfo, an EFT Champion
  • Karen dances with Tappy
  • Tapping while Intern Takes Blood Samples
  • Jesus releases fear of a surgery and showed that he is a Wise Young Man
  • Yair - Intention vs Wording











    The following articles first appeared on the email support list on Gary Craig's web site to share my experiences with EFT and help fellow EFT practitioners using the technique.


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    Important note: Even though there have been incredible results with EFT, and to date, no adverse side effects resulting from using this technique, it is an experimental technique. Thus, all participants must take complete responsibility for using EFT and their own well-being.

    EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. I am using my version of it in my sessions, scripts, audios and workshops and have had extraordinary results. I am available to facilitate EFT with you. The original version and complete training can be found at






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  • Empowering Kids with Cancer - TappyBear Foundation Video
  • Oaxaca Project - giving hope to kids with cancer
  • Proyecto Oaxaca - dándoles esperanza a los niños con cáncer

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  • "Hugs: Improve Health, Increase Happiness and End Conflict with Hugs. By Deborah D Miller, Ph.D.


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